The challenge

"According to the UN, the waste generation will increase to 2.2 billion metric tons by 2025. In order to improve this scenario, a worldwide protocol that obliges all countries to drastically reduce their waste has been created. Develop a proposal for a product or service that helps the brazilian government on this mission.

01. Discovery

After reading the challenge I had a lot of questions inside my head, so I started searching for more information about the data.

First, I went to the UN website to learn more about the protocole.


Then, I started studying the relationship of brazilians and waste, in order to get more data on education, volume, reciclyng, etc

And then, I browsed some information about how other countries were dealing with the same protocole.

By the end of the researches I had a lot of problems to work on. I started writing it all on sticky notes to get a better vision of what I was dealing with and how to focus on a solution.

This gave me a focus for the project: Brazil is the fourth country in the world that generates the most plastic waste, and only 1.28% is effectively recycled.

So, how do I motivate people to recycle plastic?

Qualitative research

Considering the timeframe I only talked to 5 people, but from different locations (Aracaju, São Paulo, São Bernardo, Lençóis Paulista, Londrina), in order to get different experiences.


I wanted to understand their daily routine and I explored some information to get to know if they use to recycle, why they don't/do it, if they know how recycling works, if they know what happens after they discart their garbage, what is the biggest problem that wrong discarting can cause, and finally, what would stimulate them to start recycling.

With the data from the interviews, I was able to create an empathy map and brainstorm business solutions.

Empathy map

02. Ideation

After I had the Empathy Map, I started thinking on Pain Relievers and Gain Creators. It guided me towards a path where I could take my next steps.

One of the ideas was to offer some benefits. I started brainstorming to understand what the product could and should offer - and it led me to the concept of the whole product! (And after that, I benchmarked for similar ideas)


The product/service would have 2 pillars:

1. Plastic waste collection sites

Collection sites would be arranged in strategic positions with a short distance between them. They would be places where you take your plastic waste to be "measured". After that, the waste will generate credits for your digital wallet. The idea is to generate uniform types of plastic because it is more valuable and cost effective for recycling, and, of course, to generate more job positions.

2. Mobile App

Considering it would probably take some time to collect a significant amount of money, a mobile app would be your digital wallet. It would allow the user to pay some monthly bills (like power and water) offering the digital credit as a discount. It would also be informative, giving tips on how recycling works and how you helped.

03. Design

At this time I had to focus my next steps on something, so I decided to start ideating and designing the Mobile App. At first, I mapped everything I thought it should have, created wireframes, prototyped and ran a "mini usability test" with some friends to validate my idea and see if - and what - they understood. It gave me a lot of insights for the next version.

The app

04. Next steps

After all of this, I would like to validate the app with users, understanding if it makes sense, if the words match their mental models, what is the best information architecture, etc.